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Willow is a lover of learning, building and being involved with a wide variety of topics. She has a modge podge of experience in the food industry, locksmithing, safe cracking, plumbing, handy work, child care, tutoring, mentoring and finally, painting.


Growing up in far Northern California, Utah, Washington and Texas, Willow planted firmly and threw down roots in Mohave County to raise her daughter.


Since coming to Mohave County, Courtney has been building a painting business called Nudgepudge. She works with schools to paint detailed murals, businesses to make hand painted signs and with families to paint faces at any party or event imaginable.


From there her small business got busier and busier, and painting now supports her family full time. It was through face painting at a Pride festival that Willow got involved in coordinating events and took part in organizing Mohave County’s first Pride Festival, Kingman AirFest HallowQueen and DecaDance


She is the President of Mohave County’s non-profit The And Then Initiative, and is usually knee deep in making more contacts and meeting new people in an effort to help build a better community.


She is the momma of a seven year old nicknamed Mayhem, two fur babies and long time girlfriend to a lineman that listens to all of life’s rants with a smile. If she isn’t painting her home’s walls, furniture or sewing something, she is probably out bike riding with the dogs and hunting for geocaches.

Vice President

Taylor is a Veteran of the United States Navy, they served 6 years and 2 tours overseas on the USS Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft Carrier.


After their Naval Career Taylor went to College and received a Bachelors degree in Film Science and Entertainment. Immediately following their Graduation they were flown to Los Angeles to be the Leadman on the set of Real Rob starring Rob Schneider on Netflix. They continued to work on a variety of TV shows, features and small independent films until they were hired on as a Producer for FOX, NBC and Station Manager at My21TV Based in Reno NV. ​

After working in Reno for a few years Taylor was transferred to Macon GA to be a Producer and online content creator for FOX and ABC.


Taylor later returned to Reno where they took up a position running Live music events, comedy shows, plays, and musicals at the Eldorado Resort. ​ 


Taylor's experience in the military was a hard one. They served under Don't ask Don't tell and endured daily threats, physical abuse, mental abuse and torment that, due to the nature of Don't ask Don't tell they could not discuss for fear of losing their job and being dishonorably discharged.


This experience has been a driving force for Taylor and is the reason they became involved with the And Then Initiative and Mohave Pride, so that hopefully no person will have to go through what so many members of the LGBTQ+ community have had to. Their experience with marketing, management and event production has made them a great fit for the position of The And Then Initiative's Vice President.


Ronnie Jay was born and raised right here in Mohave County. Growing up he was always taught the importance of serving his community, spending most of his youth fundraising with his church, working with the Kingman Cancer Care Unit, volunteering at the Lingenfelter Center and various other programs. It wasn’t until leaving for San Antonio Texas, that he saw that there could be a thriving and well served LGBTQ+ Community. 


Ronnie saw a community that rallied together to take care of their own. It was in San Antonio that he was first introduced to the concept of Pride, LGBT+ Community wellness projects. After moving to Phoenix Ronnie quickly jumped into service, working alongside and raising money for the Phoenix Pride Scholarship Pride, The March for Equality, C.A.R.E.(Central Arizona Rainbow Education), 1n10, Y.E.P. and serving as a board member for Project Hardhat.


After making the decision to come home Ronnie again saw the need to start getting into community service and was thrilled to see that the beginning steps for Mohave Pride 2019 had been started and he immediately jumped into service.


When Ronnie isn’t running around with his head cut off he enjoys spending his time with his two dogs, having people over for dinner, and mini road trips with his friends.

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