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Our goal is to support and promote activities directed at furthering the well-being, positive image, and human rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community, its allies, and low to moderate income residents in Mohave County.  

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To date the HKC has given out over 300 essential packs to those in need, and even more period packs to individuals in period poverty. We have helped 4 individuals reconnect or get home with their families over long distances and we have built friendships and relationships with over 30 people currently experiencing homelessness and continue to reach out and help to solve specific problems and help them find value in themselves, and in their lives.

Getting out of homelessness can be a long and enduring processes, full of physical and mental hardships. Your generous giving has allowed us to hear the stories behind so many of these hardships, and behind every story is a human being, a human being we get to love on, help, and hopefully make friends with.

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The Family Festivity Project, hopes to provide some holiday cheer during each and every winter holiday season. This years goal is to be able to sponsor 15 families, with a holiday kit containing decorations, activities, hygiene products and gifts.  Last year 2020 we successfully met our goal of 10 families gifted with holiday cheer!


This year we set our goal at 15! What's the point of helping others if we limit ourselves to what we did the previous year? We need to challenge ourselves constantly to do better! And WE CAN, YOU CAN! So LETS! 

Find out ways you can help, or apply below! Clickty Click!

Queer Friendly Businesses




The "And Now" calendar is our very own LGBTQ+ Community Event Calendar for Queer-Friendly events going on in Mohave County.


Many of the events are hosted by The And Then Initiative, however any member of the community is welcome and encouraged to suggest an event for the calendar and we will share the information. That all being said our goal is safety and inclusion so there are a few guidelines for events we will share.

1) Any Event MUST be in a public location. ABSOLUTELY NO private residences. (The exception being the residences of our board members because they are registered business addresses and we can attest to the safety of the residence)

2) Any Event MUST be open to ALL members of the community! Meaning, no discrimination based on race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or lack of, political background, or country of origin. We WILL post adult only events but that information needs to be made abundantly clear in advance and said event must be available to ALL adults, no age discrimination.

3) The And Then Initiative is not responsible for any fees associated with events not directly put on by us. Furthermore The And Then Initiative and its board members are not responsible and cannot be held liable for any property damage, injury, or loss of property or life. Unless otherwise specified any event we SHARE under the "And Now Calendar" is NOT sponsored by And Then.

To follow along and see what And Now events are coming up, click the Botton below and follow us on Facebook.

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